The Wheel Lock

The TRAILER WHEEL LOCK Main Body Shaft designed to go over the leaf spring
and through the Security Arm (if used) through a slot opening in the wheel from the back side
The Interlocking Deflector Shaft is installed from outside the wheel along the Main Body Shaft.
Just install your Security Padlock in the hole alignment closest to the wheel,
You are good to go, and … your trailer is good to NOT GO!

The TRAILER WHEL LOCK can be used with or without the Security Arm
For short term overnight/motel parking and at most venues,
the lake, races or parked in the desert when you need to go town
for gas, food or band aids or just out cruisin' with the family.

The Security Arm is recommended for long term parking
at unattended construction/job sites and storage areas for that extra measure of protection.

Also see the PADLOCK GUARD to protect the padlock that protects your stuff.

Keep Your Stuff... YOUR STUFF!
Trailer Wheel Lock
Contractor Bulk Pricing
Number of
Contractor Packs
Price per Unit
3 units per pack
Price per
Contractor Pack/Total
TWL-CBP-1 3 @ $55.00 1 @ $165.00ea / $165.00 $20.00
TWL-CBP-2 6 @ $50.00 2 @ $150.00ea / $300.00 $35.00
TWL-CBP-3 9 @ $45.00 3 @ $135.00ea / $405.00 $45.00
TWL-CBP-4 12 @ $45.00 4 @ $135.00ea / $540.00 $45.00
TWL-CBP-5 15 @ $45.00 5 @ $135.00ea / $675.00 FREE

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